luni, 15 decembrie 2008

Lady Gaga and my 10 excuses

"Pop music will never (again) be low brow."

I used to not even consider this pop-electro somethin till she came along. Why can't we help but love her?

1.She is one decadent, over the top, mind- poisoning, party-inflicting godess.

2. It's electro-pop with actual lyrics to it.

3.Her syllable po-poping is kinda hot. (as in d-d-d-dance)Makes me think tourette meets willson's disease.

4.I personaly believe she's Christina Aguillera's R&B-hating evil twin.

5.Who else can hump an inflatable Orca and get away with it?

6.She can't sing for her life, but she's got kickass dance routines.

7.She took a Christmas Carol and turned it into a nookie song.

8.I'd watch her videos for the girl-on-girl action alone.

9.Have you ever seen another artist being more explicit about oral sex?(50 cent doesn't count because he's NOT an artist-so don't even get me started on that).

10.It seems she pledged allegience to that nasty Cher panties.Makes her ass look fat though.

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